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Start 2019 with an assessment of your organization, board of directors. How about doing an anlysis of your fundraising capacity? Let's talk!

I am An NAO Verified Consultant serving all of Oregon and the US.

Here's a  Video PSA for the Homeless Leadership Coaliton, with whom I'm on a contract into 2019. Homeless and Housing Issues contine to plauge our region and country. Let's work together to help our most vulnerable citizens.

gmars Consulting is endorsing two social justice movements: the Poor People's Campaign and the Charter for Compassion. Both transcend religious, political, and national differences.

gmars Consulting is ready to help

George Myers has a unique style of consulting that focuses on what's working well: examining your strengths, assets and positive energy. With over 20 years of experience in nonprofits and technical assistance, plus using Appreciative Inquiry and an asset-based approach (ABCD), we will work together to grow and change.

gmars Consulting Focuses on Building your Capacity:
♦Planning: Does your nonprofit need a one year operational plan? Or are you ready for a multi-year strategic plan? George uses the SOAR method (Strengths Opportunities Aspirations Results) rather than the outdated, overused, and energy-sapping SWOT.

♦Organizational and Leadership Development: Does your board need to be more engaged or revitalized? Are you overdue for training in the best standards of nonprofit governance? When was the last time you did a board assessment?

♦Fundraising: George can help your board and staff with resource development. He specializes in how to engage donors (and board members!) to build a strong sustainable development program, as well as grant research/writing, annual funds and capital campaigns.

gmars Consulting is Skillled in Other Areas of Nonprofit Work:

, Research and Evaluation of your organization: We will work together to evaluate any aspect of your operations. 

As a nationally recognized Training and Facilitation workshop leader. George presents creative, engaging workshops that will inspire at your next conference or training event.

Interim Executive Director: George can advise and assist you during a leadership transition, or help with an ED search and hiring process.

Need assistance with community development, change management, capacity building in a young nonprofit, expanding your programs, or managing volunteers and staff? Thiese are some challenges Nonprofits face everyday.

George uses process consultation, rather than an expert (“I have all the answers!”) methodology. He enjoys working in small to midsized nonprofits, and those with a social justice ministry or environmental focus. Tithing on 10% of billings is a foundational value of gmars Consulting.

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